Small Huggie hoop earrings 14K yellow gold

3.395 DKK
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Indulge in the eternal charm of Dornor's Small Hoop Earrings in 14K Gold, offering a modern twist on a beloved classic. With a diameter of 11mm, these alluring hoop earrings epitomize elegance and sophistication, seamlessly enhancing any jewellery collection.

Delight in the affordability, ethical sourcing, and environmental responsibility of lab-grown diamonds as you adorn yourself with Dornor's masterfully crafted 14K gold hoop earrings. Elevate your style while embracing your passion for ethical luxury and sustainable fashion.

Infuse your personal touch with these enchanting earrings with our bespoke customization options. Immerse yourself in Dornor's captivating brand story and explore the world of lab-grown diamond creation, forging a deep bond between you and your treasured jewellery.

Jewellery details
- Made in delicately recycled 14-karat gold
- Closure: Hinge opening · post snaps to close
- Dimensions: W: 2.2mm · H: 11mm · Weight: 2.2g
- Designed in Denmark

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