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Everything there is to know

About Lab Grown Diamonds

They are perfect in reality but

Lab Grown diamonds also have flaws

Many people are concerned about Lab Grown Diamonds being "too perfect and flawless.", but this isn't the case. The process in the lab mimics the process by nature that creates diamonds, and therefore Lab Grown Diamonds can also have flaws. Cut, clarity, and color will also affect a Lab Grown Diamond's price.

We love the future

It represents life

It has been a conscious choice for us to remove mined diamonds. We love how we, as human beings, can simulate nature's power and create gemstones by mimicking the natural process without harming our earth and human beings. To be precise, a Lab Grown Diamond is as accurate a diamond as a mined diamond.


Lab Grown Diamonds

A diamond grown in a lab is a natural diamond, and grown diamonds can be certified by IGI, just like a diamond pulled from a mine.

In nature, that process takes millions of years to create a diamond, and when minging a diamond, do we need to destroy our precious planet. We as human beings need to protect our planet; This is why Lab Grown Diamonds are the future.

Is it, love

And will it last

Yes, it lasts. Lab Grown Diamonds are exactly as durable and robust as diamonds created over millions of years in nature. A grown diamond can be treasured and worn precisely like a mined diamond.

I want a real diamond

And a better world

If your heart is set and you want a natural diamond, we will always suggest a Lab Grown Diamond. Looking into the diamond market, it is becoming a huge trend for all Millennials, now Gen Z, to purchase these sustainable gemstones.

These generations are collectively the biggest buyers of diamonds for engagement rings – and they are moving away from conventional diamonds, with almost 70% of Millennials considering buying a lab-grown alternative. By making this choice, you are making your attitude clear towards the environment and the entire sustainability agenda. And there are no compromises.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Are the future

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