Finally a jewellery brand

That makes everyone shine

Beautiful handmade jewellery set with Lab Grown Diamonds or Moissanite. Our jewellery is meant to inspire you to follow your dreams and your 'True North'. Making you sparkle from the inside and out, with a sustainable and responsible approach.

Dórnor was born from my desire

To follow my true north

I would love to become a symbol of hope for others, wanting to follow their dreams. When I, as a young mother of two, received a breast cancer diagnosis. I realized that something needed to change. Being like most people, I had dreams, but I was lacking the courage to go after them.

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Becoming conscious

By choosing Lab Grown Diamonds

It has been a very conscious choice for us at DÒRNOR, to remove mined diamonds from our business. We love how it's possible to create real diamonds, simply by mimicking the process that happens in nature.

Lab Grown Diamonds are as real as it gets. They are also guardians of nature and conflict free, sustainable and surprisingly affordable.

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Take responsibility

With action. Not words.

We truly believe that choosing from the heart and putting thought into buying jewellery that is free from conflict, sustainable and responsible crafted, will make us all feel better.



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