0.50ct Moissanite Halo ring Diamond Pavé band 14K Gold Clara

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Immerse yourself in the world of luxury and refinement with our mesmerizing 0.50ct Brilliant Moissanite Halo Ring Diamond Pavé Band in 14K Yellow Gold. This spectacular creation showcases a dazzling moissanite centre stone, celebrated for its unrivalled fire and brilliance, encircled by a halo of lab-grown diamonds that enchantingly reflect light.

The diamond pavé band heightens the allure, rendering this ring an extraordinary statement piece that captivates every gaze. Crafted for discerning individuals who treasure life's finer offerings, this ring exemplifies ageless elegance and distinct personal flair.

Our devotion to ethical and sustainable practices guarantees each moissanite and lab-grown diamond is conflict-free and eco-friendly. Revel in the splendour and luxury of this exceptional ring, free from the ethical dilemmas linked to traditional diamond mining.

The 14K yellow gold setting intensifies the allure of this exquisite ring, presenting a warm, sumptuous canvas for radiant gemstones. Tailoring options empower you to forge a unique masterpiece that impeccably mirrors your taste and style.

Cherish the enduring worth and timeless charm of this stunning moissanite halo ring, a testament to our brand's unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional jewellery that cultivates a profound bond between the wearer and the piece.

Explore the fascinating realm of moissanite and lab-grown diamond jewellery. Let our 0.50ct Brilliant Moissanite Halo Ring Diamond Pavé Band in 14K Yellow Gold infuse your life with luxury and radiance. Browse our collection and experience the elegance, sophistication, and ethical artisanship that distinguishes us.

Jewellery Details
- Made in delicately recycled 14-karat gold
- Stone Setting: Halo setting & Pavé
- Ring band dimensions: W: 2.4mm · H: 1.8mm
- Gold weight: ~4.0g
- Designed in Denmark

Diamond & Moissanite details
- Clarity: VS
- Color: D-F
- Cut: Round Brilliant
- Carat: 0.50ct
- Diamond Pavé: 14 x 0.02ct · 14 x 0.012ct
- Total carat weight: ~0.95ct
- All Diamonds & Moissanite are conflict-free, sustainably grown

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