Lifetime warranty

At DÓRNOR, we are committed to providing our customers with a quality experience. As such, any of your jewellery purchased from us is backed by an all-encompassing lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects - including clasp breakage or loose diamonds/moissanite and prongs.

Unfortunately general wear and tear, scratching, stretched chains/rings etc., as well as lost or damaged pieces due to improper cleaning or storage will not be covered under the guarantee; nor does it extend if alterations have been made outside of DÓRNOR's purview.

For questions about how best to care for your jewellery piece, please reference our FAQ or reach out directly at – whichever works best.

Special Occasion Rings

We trust the craftsmanship of our Special Occasion rings. If you believe your ring contains a craft defect such as missing pave stones (stones bellow 0.06 ct) or loose prongs, feel free to send it back for inspection – and in case of a factory issue, rest assured that we will repair or replace it upon appropriate evaluation.

Please note that each unique piece is handmade with care by highly skilled artisans; thus slight variations may occur but they do not diminish its value nor quality! In any event where damage seems out of scope from those related to warranty coverage criteria, fret not: Our customer service team shall provide cost information before undertaking the necessary work on your special piece!

Our warranty covers the replacement of stones smaller than 0.06 ct and manufacturing defects; however, it does not include general wear-and-tear scratches or discoloration due to contact with harsh chemicals. Additionally, any alterations your jewellery has undergone by third party or outside jewellers will render our guarantee null and void.

To be eligible for the warranty

Ensure your ring and diamond remain in pristine condition! Our warranty only caters to the original purchaser, so make sure you keep it safe from unreasonably rough conditions. We also won't accept any rings that have been altered or not cleaned properly.

If there's anything else unclear about our coverage terms, don't hesitate to reach out via email at; one of our team of jewellers would be happy to provide you with more information.

Diamond Warranty

At DÓRNOR we take the pride in crafting the finest sustainably-sourced lab grown diamonds and moissanite. Customers can rest assured that all listed diamond grading are accurate, backed by our lifetime warranty guarantee on every purchase of 0.50ct diamond or above comes with a professional Diamond Certificate to demonstrate them meeting promised characteristics.

In case any deviations do occur, customers have the right to choose between full refund for their diamond or replacing it with one exceeding expectations according to certified quality standards set forth in its accompanying certification documentation.

A thorough examination of the diamond according to industry-recognized gemological techniques will be conducted, with a rigorous degree of accuracy in angles and linear measurements - maintained within ±0.2º and ±0.02 millimeters respectively.

For 1/2 ct: 0.50ct average diamond weight
(.47-.53ct diamond weight)

For 2/3 ct: 0.75ct average diamond weight
(0.72-.78ct diamond weight)

For 1/1 ct: 1.0ct average diamond weight
(0.97-1.03ct diamond weight)

For 1.5ct average diamond weight
(1.47-1.53ct diamond weight)

For 1.5ct average diamond weight
(1.47-1.53ct diamond weight)

If you're considering grading a diamond below 0.50ct, it is vital that the stone be graded as a loose diamond and not in an engagement ring - since settings can impact its accuracy. To ensure your assessment is accurate and relevant, choose one of the renowned centers like GCAL, IGI or GIA – never entrust this task to local jewelers.

All our diamonds are accurately assessed by these leading institutions for optimal quality assurance.

When you file a claim with us, we authorize ourselves to

  • Thoroughly evaluate the diamond and confirm any gemological assessments used to backup your claim.
  • Inspect the diamond and any gemological evaluation on which you base your claim.

Our warranty provides you with legal rights that complement the consumer protection measures already in place. Customers who purchase a diamond from us can be confident knowing it’s protected against any unreasonable forces, hazardous conditions or improper storage and handling practices as long as they remain its original owner.

However, our warranty does not cover accidental damages such as cuts/scratches resulting from normal wear & tear; nor do we provide replacements for consequential losses incurred through mishandling of the product.