The importance of the first C

Diamond Cut and shapes

The four C's refer to how light interacts with diamond facets; the first C stands for the cut. The diamond cut is the most significant of the four C's regarding how light interacts with diamond facets. Further, symmetry, proportion, and polish are all factors in making an excellent diamond. All Dórnor diamonds, from most minor to most enormous stones, are always cut for brilliance rather than carat weight.

Why is the cut of a

Diamond paramount

The cut is responsible for the diamond's sparkle. A poorly cut diamond will appear uninteresting even if a high color and clarity grade is present. On the other hand, if a diamond is cut to perfection, it will reflect and refract light for optimum brightness and sparkle.

What Is a Triple Excellent

Diamond Cut?

A superior triple cut or Tripple X cut is the world's highest grade of brilliant round diamonds. In addition, a diamond must fulfill Dórnor's "excellent" quality criteria in three areas: precision of the cut, polish, and symmetry to be considered high quality. Finally, an excellent triple diamond maximizes light return, creating a stone that gleams brighter than anything else.

We refuse to compromise on quality. Quality is vital, and we only use triple X diamond cut when a diamond extends .50ct for all Dórnor jewelry. With excellent triple cuts, our master graders and artisans strive to ensure our jewelry is above industry standards.

What Impacts

Diamond Cut Quality?

Out of the four C's, "cut" is the only part of the process influenced by humans and hands. Therefore, even if two diamonds share the same clarity, color, and carat weight--the diamond with a better cut will be more valuable. Three components make up a diamond's cut:

Cut - How do the size and angles of the stone affect its different parts.

Symmetry - How do the facets of a diamond align and intersect?

Polish: The facets, location, and the diamond's external finish.

Diamond Cut


Dórnor refuses to settle for anything less than “excellent,” “very good,” "good," or "fair" cuts of diamonds. Dórnor does not utilize our diamonds to satisfy higher standards since some diamond cutters may be too aggressive in the cutting process. A diamond might be cut too deep or shallow at times, allowing light to escape through the top and sides. They can also have facets out of alignment, disrupting the light flow.

The most icon diamond cut

Brilliant Cut

The most popular facet arrangement is the brilliant cut, which features triangular and kite-shaped facets set to maximize light return. The brilliant round diamond has 57 to 58 facets and is the brightest of the diamond cuts. Cushion, oval, marquise, pear, and heart-shaped diamonds are all faceted using the brilliant faceting technique and offer comparable levels of sparkle as the round Brilliant.