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Jewelry CAD Design

A bespoke ring is one in which the design has been altered significantly or partially from its original form. As a result, it might be a brand-new ring form unlike anything previously seen, or one of Dórnor's current rings with modifications. A ring with changed dimensions or components would be an example of this.

What are our

Special terms and conditions

Regarding custom-made rings, we are unable to provide free ring adjustment changes or our return policy. All sales are final from the moment you accept our jewelry design, even if the ring is not delivered or completed. We preserve photographs of your designs for up to a year after they have been finished.

Please be advised that any CAD images made for the customer during the custom design process can only be used by us at Dórnor. The customer is not allowed to use these CAD images for any other purpose or context outside of Dórnor.

Inspiring and sharing

Custom jewelry designs

We enjoy inspiring and sharing all of the gorgeous custom jewelry designs we create. You agree to allow Dórnor, as well as any other related companies, to utilize and share photographs and designs on social media, as well as for marketing purposes, by requesting a price quotation. We never reveal the cost of an item or any information about you as a customer. If you don't want your design to be shared, please do not hesitate to contact us; we will make sure that your design remains completely private.

If you'd like to read our terms of service, please click here; if you have any questions about anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is a

Computer-aided jewelry Desgin

When it comes to the majority of bespoke rings, we utilize computer-aided design in our manufacturing process. Because it depicts how the jewelry will look, the photos might help you make a decision. The CAD design renderings will showcase the jewelry before the final touches, in other words before it has been polished, claws and settings, if any, have been set into the correct position to hold a stone(s).

The CAD designs will show the jewelry before it has been polished and claws or settings (if any) have been placed to hold a stone(s) after it has been carved. Misconceptions abound about the claws and other diamonds. For example, they may appear “too lengthy”, "too edgy," or "too apparent." The result is always a more beautiful ring.

Time to deliver a

Jewelry Desgin

The designs must be drawn from scratch. As a result, we request that you allow 3-10 business days to complete the first draft. After that, any change to the design takes 1-3 working days, depending on the amount of work presently being done.

Information to

Get started

To streamline the process for both of us, and make it as speedy as possible on your end, we need as many details about your jewelry piece as you can give. Unfortunately, phrases like ”fine width” or “just the right height” aren't helpful since everybody's preferences are different.


Several design features must be considered when selecting the perfect ring setting style. First, consider your most loved design elements and those that suit your style and personality. Then, learn about the options for your center gemstone setting, accent gemstone setting, band, and finishing details.

How far up

Will the diamond appear

Since every diamond is unique and hand-cut, it's impossible to tell how high above the finger a given gem will sit. Generally speaking, though, a higher carat weight means a deeper cut and thus a taller setting.



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Delivery time for my

Custom jewelry

In most cases, we request that customers allow 6-8 weeks for the completion of the item. The number of changes needed to fulfill your desires has an impact on this time frame.

The design process is highly unique to each project. The quicker the processing, the more accurate information and pictures you provide in the first place. A lot of clients are pleased with our initial draft, which reduces delivery time considerably.

We will contact you with details about the production date once we are ready for mass production. Please allow approximately 25-35 working days for delivery after that point.

What happens

Next in the process

1. If you haven't already read our terms, or if you have any questions regarding how the process works, we recommend that you do so here at §4 Right of withdrawal - returns.

2. Please select the Request quote button and fill out the form, please keep in mind that the more information and specifics you can provide us, the more precise our quotation will be as well as the first draft of your jewelry. We typically respond to you within 24 hours with a price offer and any design questions. Have you received a response yet? Please check your spam folder because many emails occasionally end up there.

3. We'll take a photo of your future jewelry and send you a custom design for your ring. We evaluate numerous photos of your future jewelry after our first contact and you've authorized us to quote. You may modify the design as much as you like until you are completely happy with it during the creation process. Please keep in mind that specially created rings do not come with a right of return or open sale, but we will try our best to make sure you are pleased with your one-of-a-kind band.

4. We offer free delivery, a gift box, and engraving on all of our jewelry as with all of our other items.

No limits to what you

Can design with in CAD

In this document, Sabina, our bespoke specialist, will discuss CAD. Continue reading to discover more about the process and what you need to consider when creating your ideal ring.